What I did in class . . .

Hey everyone!
So . . . I’m not the best of students. I have a condition that I like to call Critical Marni. It’s sort of like the point of critical mass. I think. I never really got that concept, actually.
Here’s how Critical Marni works:
During a super boring lecture on plate tectonics and wind erosion I can only pay attention for roughly an hour. Because after that my brain refuses to absorb the information. It says, “Really? You think this is interesting? Hah! You know what would actually be interesting? Waking up with the ability to shoot noodles from your fingers.”
I have hit Critical Marni State and from this point onwards . . . yeah, nothing is going to stick.
But that doesn’t mean that I’m not working. I just shift to the more imaginative side of my life. And I’m very proud when I produce this:
That’s right! I plotted out A NOVEL.
During class . . . when I should have been paying attention . . . oops?
Except what I did was so much cooler than anything my teacher could have possibly told me. I produced a work of art! And maneuvered my way out of a potential blockage situation. But that’s not going to help me when I have to deal with my first two finals this Tuesday.
And even though everyone in my family is telling me to just concentrate on school right now that is way easier said then done. I love to create. So while I enjoy learning in school the truth is that I’m tired of balancing my passion for writing (aka my career) and my schoolwork. So I have decided to graduate from Lewis & Clark College a semester early.
This would never have been possible if it weren’t for the number of AP tests I took back in high school. I’m glad I get to cash them in for college credit now. I never thought I would want to graduate early. I figured that I would want to postpone joining the adult working world for as long as humanely possible. If I didn’t have my writing, I would probably feel that way now. It’s terrifying to face the world without the safety of the education system.
I think the R-rated puppet musical Avenue Q sums this up perfectly with the song ‘What do you do with a BA in English?’
But I’m feeling ready. So one semester and a month from now I will have graduated from Lewis & Clark. I will be able to create outlines for novels whenever I feel like it. I will be free from mandatory lectures and (best of all) finished with finals. Au revoir, homework! Unless I decide down the road to go to grad school for a PHD, which I don’t really see happening for me.
So in order to graduate ahead of schedule I have to take math, art, P.E. and my senior seminar class on Henry James. And I have to pass all of my classes in Australia. Which means I should probably open this book instead of staring at it in horror.
I am definitely looking forward to being finished with research papers.
No more procrastination though. Starting now.
Well, maybe thirty minutes from now.


2 thoughts on “What I did in class . . .

  1. you are THE CUTEST and your blog made me laugh soooo much. That novel outline looks AMAZING! I wish I had like one-tenth of your creativity and follow-through. Seriously, you are a force not to be trifled with lightly (or something like that).

    Love ya girl. Write on!

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