Marni On Safari: Serengeti-Style!

Hey everyone,

I am in the most beautiful place on earth. I admit, I had my doubts about Africa before I came. Mainly because I had to get a boatload of shots and the woman who gave them to me kept insisting that I would experience all sorts of awful side effects. That part of the process was so freaking stressful and expensive that it made the idea of returning home after finals sound awfully tempting.

But now I am so glad I chose to travel with my family.

On the road in Kenya.

Not that some parts of it haven’t been rough. Yesterday we were supposed to drive from Kenya into Tanzania in a completely doable three hour long journey. Excellent plan. It would have been absolutely perfect if it weren’t for the fact that our bridge was washed out by recent rain. Our three hour drive became fourteen hours. Now, one of the problems with traveling as a family is that everyone inevitably acts half their age. So for almost this entire fourteen hour drive I was stuck behind two of my cousins (24 and 21 years old) who kept punching each other. Hours and hours of listening to:


“Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!”

“Cut it out.”

Bam! Whap!


“You jerk.”

“Don’t be a wimp.”

I think you catch my drift. To top it off, one of my cousins had some gastrointestinal issues. Let’s just say that the lions could smell us coming.

But now I am in paradise.

I am “tenting” at The Soroi (located in the Serengeti, Tanzania)!

Yeah, if this is tenting, I’m down to do this any day of the week!

Here’s my shower:

That’s right: I’m going to be bathing with this as my view:

Right above the freaking Serengeti!

I have wireless Internet too!

So…now I think I’ll leave you with a few last photos while I enjoy the lightning display over the land and nibble on popcorn.

All of these blobs are very happy members of my family.

I’d love to hear about your travel experiences? Have you ever gone somewhere that you never wanted to leave?



1 thought on “Marni On Safari: Serengeti-Style!

  1. Traveling to Africa with that much family is a double adventure!

    As for places I never wanted to leave… when I was ten and my nuclear family went on a Caribbean cruise, I thought that was heavenly. And eight or so years ago, my mom took us all to Sunset Key, just off of Key West, in February, and I didn’t want to leave.

    I look forward to more of your Africa trip. =)

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