Extreme Hedgehogs of AWESOME and a Challenge/Giveaway for YOU!

Hey everyone!

I recently had a case of love at first sight. It was a magical moment. His eyes met mine and I just knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

To tell the truth: I fell head over hedgehog.

2013-02-14 16.09.28

Everyone, meet Oswald! Isn’t he the cutest thing ever!?

There was just one thing preventing our happily ever after–the fact that we both knew he was destined for someone else. Oswald’s heart will always belong to his incredibly talented artist/my best friend, which is why after we spent a blissful month together, Oswald traded in my bedroom for hers. And because she is completely amazing . . . I now fall asleep every night looking at these three handsome fellows!

2013-03-03 21.00.18

Gregory MacGuffin the Third!

2013-03-03 21.00.14

Poquito Incognito!

And last, but certainly not least:

2013-03-03 20.58.22


I can’t even tell you how much I love these hedgehogs. I like to think that they are diligently guarding my books from bad reviews.

And these aren’t the only cool photos I have to show you!

I know it might sound silly, but I absolutely love seeing photos of people enjoying my books. It makes my day. So obviously I was delighted when I caught a glimpse of these:


The seriously skilled Melina Souza took this photo and wrote a great review of Awkward that you can read here!

Just a quick heads up . . . she wrote it in Portuguese. Because that’s her first language.

You know what book I’m able to pick up and start reading in an entirely different language?

Me neither.

Probably because it doesn’t exist.

I’ve taken five years of French classes and I still relied heavily on the subtitles for this hilarious/adorable cat video!

I hope your reaction looks like this:


I’m not going to repost all of Mel’s awesome photos here but . . . this one is my new desktop image.


Overwhelmed with the awesome!

These pictures inspired me to try creating a game (I really hope you’ll all play it with me! Pretty please?) that goes something like this:

Step One: You stick a copy of Awkward (or Decked with Holly) in your purse/backpack/car and take it with you everywhere.

Step Two: Every time you think to yourself, Now that would be a funny place to see Awkward, you pull out the book.


Step Three: You take a picture.

Step Four: You send the photo to me (either here or on my Facebook author page would be great!)

Step Five: I completely geek out!!!


Fun, right?! I also think it has some pretty great ice-breaker potential. I mean, let’s say that someone you happen to be crushing on is around and you have nothing to say to them.


*Cough* Marni’s daily experience in high school.

So instead of letting the opportunity to talk slide away like this . . .


You can be all, “Okay, so I know this is a little awkward, but um…would you mind holding up a copy of this book right by the sign for the boys’ restroom? HAHA! I know. It’s weird. But the author said that the person who posts the best photo gets an advanced reader’s copy of her next book so…”

Oh, did I forget to mention that?

Because I will totally do it. I don’t usually send stuff to people who live outside the US, because shipping can get expensive, but for this contest . . . game on!

That way we will have something fun to do while we wait for the Invisible ARCs to be ready!

*Happy dances*


I would love to hear what you think of the game, so feel free to leave me a comment! *Super subtle hint*

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Extreme Hedgehogs of AWESOME and a Challenge/Giveaway for YOU!

  1. You are awesome!!! I am totally going to do this, if I win don’t worry about postage, I live in Hillsboro, OR. We could meet somewhere in between, where I can jump up and down pointing furiously at you while screaming “OMG EVERYONE THIS IS MARNI BATES! SHE WRITES BOOKS AND NOW I KNOW HER!!!” then people might start walking towards us, being drawn in by the pull of your awesomeness. And then this would happen: “DID THAT SOUND LIKE AN IVITATION TO COME OVER TO YOU?! STAY BACK SHE’S MINE!!!” *Ahem* or maybe I will be so calm and cool I will freeze your brain. Maybe. Also, some other wonderful ladies that love hedgehogs and books are the Team Epic Reads girls at HarperTeen. Seriously, check them out, (www.epicreads.com ) the book and hedgehog levels will knock your socks off, their mascot is a stuffed hedgehog named Snarkels, plus his mini clones!

    • Hi Vivianna! I can’t wait to see the Awkward photos you take! I’m sure they will be absolutely fantastic! And the next time I am anywhere near Hillsboro I will do my very best to let you know. I think your plan to test our combined power or awesomeness definitely deserves a trial run. 😀 Although I’m fairly sure you will be so cool my brain will freeze. Thanks for the heads up about the Team Epic Reads girls. Snarkels is a freaking adorable name for a stuffed hedgehog. How cute would it be if they had a picture of him in snorkel gear though?! Snarkles in snorkles…yes, please!

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