Grandma is on the mend!

Hey everyone!

My grandma is going to be just fine.

*Huge sigh of relief*

Yesterday was spent sitting in the hospital cafeteria waiting to hear how she was doing. Oh yeah, and being barraged by my loving relatives. The phone lines were pretty quiet when we showed up at 4am but that was the lull before the storm. So I stared blearily at the double doors (without coffee), waiting for the doctor to appear. And I kept assuring everyone that yes, I’ll let you know just as soon as I hear something!

So we all just waited . . .  and waited . . . oh, and did I mention that we waited?

But she came through the surgery like a champ and is now recovering nicely.

She rested well into the afternoon and now she’s up and checking her email. Which leaves me on guard duty. I’ve been given the difficult task of trying to run interference between my grandma and her friends.

Let me explain: the most overwhelming eighty year olds on earth are her pals from the Los Angeles Bicycle Group. She needs some more time to heal before she’s ready for the full onslaught of concern. So we’ve been talking to an anxious Marge every few hours.

It’s sweet, really.

Anyhow, I need to go make sure my grandma rests. Thanks for all the kind messages of concern over the past few days! My entire family really appreciates all the support!