A Pirate’s Life for Me!

Hey everyone!

So I arrived safely in Los Angeles…without my suitcase.

Which wasn’t actually the crisis I feared because LAX drove it out to Ventura later that same night.

That said, I definitely had a momentary freakout when I pictured strolling into the RWA conference with absolutely nothing clean to wear.

On the plus side: I knew I still had fifteen ARCs of Decked with Holly with me.

On the negative side: um, I kinda wanted my clothes too.

But it all worked out!

(Marni releases a huge sigh of relief)

And today I went adventuring!

Marni and Emily are the classiest pair at the Pirate Festival!

See, my visit to Ventura lined up perfectly with the Pirate Festival! So I put on my most pirate-y outfit and headed out with me matey!

That’s when I got into a wee bit o’ trouble…

Kidnapped by the pirates!

I may have inadvertently mentioned that the spin-off sequel to Awkward takes place on the high seas…and that’s when they ordered me to hand it over.

I would post more about my adventures here but…my computer doesn’t want to let me do that.

So here’s the deal: you can check out my pirate adventure by following me on Twitter.

Which totally sounds like I’m just using my pirate adventure to get a bajillion followers on Twitter…I promise, that’s not the case.

Then again…can you really trust the word of a pirate?

More later, mateys!




Hey everyone,

I’m done with college.

Finito! Terminado! Finished!

I have to say, it’s a really great feeling. No more homework. No more pretending to be paying attention in my boring SOU class, while I secretly read romance novels.

Or not so secretly, actually. I’m pretty sure the teacher knew something was up when I started grinning. Probably because I was not smiling as he blithely wasted my time ranting about Obama’s first girlfriend.

Yeah. Never again!

Although, it is kind of scary because now I don’t have schoolwork to use as an excuse for procrastinating on my work. Like editing Invisible. Not that I would ever do that. *Blinks innocently*

My actual college graduation ceremony happened a few months ago. And I wrote a whole long blog post on it and then delayed actually sharing it because I wanted to include photos.

Then I saw the ones my family took of my very special day.

Complete and total failure.

First of all, they snapped all of five photos. And nobody noticed that my hair was absolutely ridiculous!

Don’t believe me. Here’s the proof:

I look like Count Dracula.

And nobody said anything!

Here I am with my lovely aunt! You can tell that Count Marnula is speculating about when she’ll be able to drink her blood.

And smiling at the thought.

Actually, that day I was feeling more zombie-like than vampiric. I came down with an awful flu the night before my graduation. I was able to keep it at bay until after the ceremony, but not by much.

Thankfully, my amazing friend Diana W. Rosengard drove me back to the hotel, where my aunt was waiting. She wisely let me nap before taking me out to dinner in the hotel. Honestly, I didn’t have the strength to move any further than that.

But even with the shivers and the sore throat, it was a magical day. And it was really great hanging out with all of my friends for the brief amount of time I was, you know, fully functional.

Still, it was kinda hard to feel graduated when I knew I had my SOU midterms waiting for me in Ashland.

But now all of that is over! Well, everything but the paperwork. I need to transfer my SOU classes to Lewis & Clark, but…c’mon, that doesn’t really count.

So what have I been doing with my time?

Well, my mom just bought a quilt store in Ashland! It’s called Sew Creative and in my unbiased opinion, it’s going to be spectacular.

That said, right now it’s in the work in progress stage. Which means I’m going to be spending this week sanding shelves, painting fixtures, cutting fat quarters, and doing anything else she needs.

I like to think this will earn me tons of daughter points, which I plan on cashing in very soon.

Specifically, July 19th when my mom is driving me very early to the airport.

Where am I headed?




More on this soon–I must return to my sanding.